Will SEVIS, I20 be updated, if am selected in H1B Lottery as F1 student ?

As I wrote previously, if you are on Cap Gap and your OPT end date is extended to Sep 30th, then it means that you were selected in lottery. But, there are scenarios, where you as an F1 Student may not be in cap gap, but have full OPT period or you are on F1 status. Question is that does SEVIS system be updated for such cases.

Simple answer is ‘Yes’. SEVIS system is always updated for any status updates related to your H1B petition. So, if you are picked in H1B Lottery, your DSO can look at SEVIS system and print out a New I20 and that will have your H1B case Number. Not all DSOs are friendly to share the details on this and may ask to check your employer. But, if there are any changes to your employment on OPT, or any other things like you want to go to India, you can ask them to print a new I-20 and that will get all the info regarding H1B status.


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  1. Hi Sravani,

    My employer has filed for new H-1B through consular notification but it has resulted in an RFE. In the same time, my I-20 for STEM OPT extension has been generated and it has the same Change of status information with Request/Petition status as “pending”.

    Also, I am not eligible for Cap-gap extension since I am a December grad.

    Can someone please explain what this means and why that information was printed on the I-20?

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