When will I know H1B Visa 2019 Lottery results ?

Now that H1B 2019 season has begun and as we are expecting a lottery for the fiscal year 2019, it is kind of curious for many of us to know when everyone will know the lottery results.

How does lottery results work in H1B visa scenarios ?

In general, lottery result is something like either you are selected in the lottery or you are rejected in the lottery and you will know both of these at the same time when the results are announced of lottery. But, in H1B visas case, it is different…USCIS does not really announce everything immediate to everyone. They will first run the lottery, then start informing one by one to all the applicants who were selected in the lottery and after all of this is done, then they send out reject notices at the end of the date.¬† What this means is that, you will have people saying that they are selected in lottery and have a case number, while some will be just waiting for the results. You will know the lottery results when you get either selected or rejected notices from USCIS.

How did it work Historically for H1B reject notices ? Lottery results for FY 2019 ?

In the past few years, USCIS released an alert on their website indicating that they have returned all the petitions that were not selected in Lottery. Usually, this alert is released around mid July or end of July. So, going by that, you can expect that USCIS will inform that they  have sent all the reject notices by mid or end July 2018. So, the lottery results for FY 2019 year will be fully known to you by end of July 2018.

It can be a very long wait….some may say they got selected and got lottery result, while some may be in the waiting game. Unless you have either of these, you are in the game.


11 thoughts on “When will I know H1B Visa 2019 Lottery results ?”

  1. Are we still receiving the results if picked up in lottery? Or if no update yet means not selected in lottery?

    • I read somewhere that last year some people got receipts in June. So keeping that in mind..hanging hard..lets wait..anyone received receipts in June?

    • Not much…pretty much none reported in the last week or two. If you have not got anything yet, chances are slim…but, wait until you get a reject notice to confirm the result.

  2. Is it now ( 3rd July) too late to receive lottery select result???? I have not yet received lottery reject notice as well…

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