When will I know H1B Lottery Result for FY 2018 ?

It can be a very frustrating to wait for the h1B lottery results….The tricky part is that  with H1B premium processing suspended for Fy 2018, there is NO SLA for the receipts or the decision…everyone are in the same boat.

When will you know your H1B visa 2018 Lottery Result ?

As you know, USCIS updated that they have completed Data Entry of H1B 2018 Petitions , they will start to send out the receipt numbers to selected candidates in the next upcoming few weeks. USCIS will also issue a notice in the form of press release stating that they have completed returning all the rejected packages that were not selected in H1B lottery…You will have to wait for the second news release by USCIS to be sure on your Lottery results.

Last year, USCIS  issued the press note on Jul 8, 2016, indicating that they have completed returning the rejected H1b Packages. if we go by the same dates, we can expect something similar around mid July 2017. So, technically, your complete lottery results for H1B 2018 season will be fully complete by Mid July or end of July 2017.  I know it can be a long wait for all of those waiting, but it is life….Unless you get a rejected petition, there is always a slim hope.  While you should get a result or receipt number, if you were to be selected in next two to three weeks at the maximum, but the reality is that there is always 1% hope to say…do not give up home and game is not over until you get a rejected package from USCIS.

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What was your experience in previous years or current year ?