What is H1B Visa ? In Common Man’s Terms

Many of you might be wondering, what the heck is H1B visa ? There are tons of visa types out there….Let me try to explain in simple layman’s terms, rather than jotting down some Attorney lingo !

What is H1B visa in America ? Define H1B Visa ?

Well, in layman’s terms it is a temporary work permit that enables Companies in America to hire internationals to work for them.  Typically, companies try to hire locals with the skills they need…but at times, they do not find people with the skills they are looking for….like Engineering, Mathematics, Research, etc… H1B visa is classified as a speciality occupation by the USCIS.
In general, in America, you cannot be discriminated because you are from other country, or different color or race…if you are the right person for a job, you have to be hired properly….H1B visa helps companies follow that law and let them hire international workers with advanced technical skills to work for them….if they cannot find anyone with similar skills for some more time, then they can sponsor Green Card for the same employee on H1B visa.

Any Questions on Basics of H1B visa ?

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