What is H1B visa Cap Count ?

Some of you new to the immigration jargon, might be wondering…what is cap count ?

  • Is there something like a Cap named H1B ?
  • Do everyone who file for H1B get a Cap ?
  • Do they count the Caps of every H1B visa ?

May be some might sound ridiculous, but honestly, if you do not know there is nothing wrong to think in that perspective….Here is what it means ?

What is exactly  H1B visa Cap Count ?

Every year there are certain number of H1B visas that are available for internationals. As of H1B visa 2011 quota, they were 65,000 visas for regular quota and 20,000 for advanced degree holders.    The number 65,000 is called regular H1B visa cap and 20,000 is called advanced degree H1B cap.
As the H1B visa season starts, for this year H1B visa 2012 quota starts on April 1, 2011,  the received H1B petitions are counted and added to that numeric limitation. Say if USCIS receives 10,000 petitions on Day 1 of filing for regular quota….then you say that the regular quota cap count is 10,000 until that day…. USCIS updates everyone weekly about the receieved H1B petitions calling them H1B visa Cap Count Update.

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