What Happens After H1B Lottery ?

If you are the lucky person selected in H1B random selection, which is popularly called as H1B lottery, you might be wondering what would happen after that. Below is quick summary of it.

Steps after Selected in H1B visa lottery :

  1. If you are selected in H1B Lottery, your employer/ immigration attorney will get a copy of the H1B receipt notice. Basically it will have a case number to track your case and the status of the petition. If it was filed under premium, you will get it via email, if not, USCIS will send a hard copy via snail mail / post the same.
  2. Once you have that number, you will need to keep a track of the status of the petition. The processing times can vary from few days to few months. It can be a long wait….Sometimes, there is direct approval and sometimes, there is no direct approval. Your case may be under more scrutiny and USCIS will issue something called as RFE ( request for evidence) to submit more information. If you get one of these, then your employer has to file more information about your petition and justify the same on what was asked by USCIS….
  3. If everything goes well, you will get an approval notice mailed to your employer. Again, if you filed under premium, you will get an email as well. Nevertheless, you will get a copy of the approval notice of your H1B petition.
  4. If things do not go well, then your petition can end up in something called a rejection or denial. Sometimes, USCIS will inform with a status saying that it has intention to deny it…again, you will have to keep a track of these activities by checking online. The good part is that you can register on the USCIS site and get updates as the status is updated.
  5. Once you have the final copy of the approval form, you can use that to book an appointment and apply for visa at any US consulate. If you applied for Change of Status ( COS) within the country, your status will be automatically changed to H1B at start of October 1st, you need to be careful with this and check with your attorney.

Hope that the above gave you a brief summary of the steps that would happen after H1B Lottery. Did I miss anything ? Please share your thoughts.