USCIS Updates H1B Visa 2019 Petitions for Accepted from April 2nd, Premium Process Suspended

USCIS updated today that they will accept H1B Petitions for FY 2019 season starting from April 2, 2018. Some of the key messages from the press release are below.

  • USCIS will accept petitions for FY 2019 season from April 2nd, 2018
  • Premium Processing suspended for FY 2019 cap subject petitions and resume from Sept 10, 2018.
  • Premium Processing of H1Bs continue to be available for Cap Exempt petitions like Transfer and Extensions.
  • USCIS will deny all petitions that are filed in Premium processing, if they file cap subject petitions.
  • If you need to expedite any petition that is from FY 2019 cap, then you will need to submit justification for the same and it has to fall under things like emergency or business loss, national interest for US, etc.

That’s it. They did not really tell about Lottery of 2018 and other things like how much the quota cap, etc.  You can expect lottery this year as well and cap maybe over sooner than expected.  What do you think ?