USCIS Update – H1B Visa 2019 Season Lottery Done – 190K Petitions filed

As anticipated by many like us, we had lottery for FY 2019 season. USCIS updated everyone in a news alert saying that they reached H1B vis cap for this season. Below are some of the key takeaways

H1B 2019 Cap Reached – Key Takeaways

USCIS News Release says that they have conducted Lottery for H1B cap for FY 2019 season April 11th and they have received about 190,098 petitions.  They have conducted lottery for Masters quota petitions and then conducted lottery for regular quota petitions.

USCIS says that they will return the petitions that were not selected in H1B Lottery along with the fee, if they do not fall under the duplicate petitions new rule.

USCIS will also continue to accept petitions for non-cap or cap exempt petitions that typically fall under categories like Transferring of H1B, Changing of employers, extending their stay on H1B, concurrent filings.

It is not very different from previous years, but just that they have also updated their H1B count tracker 2019 page with Masters and Regular quota filings numbers.

  • Masters Quota Petitions received : 95,885
  • Regular quota petitions received : 94,213

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