USCIS Says Data Entry Complete for Lottery Selected H1B 2018 Petitions

USCIS said in a news release today that they have completed data entry of all the H1B petitions that were selected in 2018 lottery.  It is a normal press release that they do and this was done around same date last year too.  Basically, the news release tells that the data entry for all selected petitions in lottery is completed and they plan to send out the rejected petitions that were not selected in upcoming days or weeks. They have not really mentioned the deadline for this as there are lot more petitions that they need to deal with.  All they said is that they will make a similar press release once they complete returning of all the petitions that were not selected in lottery. Also, the premium processing for FY 2018 still continues to be suspended and not many changes there.  Also, to balance the load USCIS will move some petitions from Vermont to California service centers and you will be informed of the same change…One final thing from the news release is that you should NOT contact USCIS until you either receive a receipt notice or rejected package. I know all of you are curious, but unfortunately, you cannot contact USCIS for this…you will need to wait.

Is it Game Over now as USCIS has released this update ?

Not really. It tells that the data entry is completed, but does not mean that it is game over for the applicants who filed this year for H1B. You can expect to receive receipt notices for your H1B application if you were to be selected in the lottery in the next couple of weeks, until then, still there is hope for you !

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  1. I’m a little confused what data entry refers to? Does it mean, that there should be a SEVIS status update and if there is no update yet, then we were not selected?

    Thanks in Advance for responding!

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