USCIS reached cap for H1B 2019 Season

USCIS just updated today that they have reached the H1B cap for FY 2019 Season. Quick points from their press release is below.

  • USCIS has got enough petitions for Masters quota of 20,000 and Regular quota of 65,000
  • USCIS will reject and return petitions along with the fee that are not selected in lottery. If they are duplicate petitions, then nothing will be returned, they lose the money.
  • USCIS will accept petitions for the below categories that are not subject to the Cap
    • Transfers of H1B
    • H1B extenions
    • Non-cap subject petitions like concurrent filings
    • Any H1B filed for changes in employment terms.

That’s it. Very similar to last few years, nothing special. We just need to wait for the H1B 2019 Lottery Results