USCIS News – H1B Registration Starts from March 1st, 2020

USCIS announced that the New H1B registration process would start from March 1st , 2020. They also announced various details related to the dates of registration accounts, fees, etc. These are not really new, but they have been reconfirmed by USCIS. Below is the update.

H1B Registration News for Fiscal year 2021 Quota

  • H1B Registration accounts can be created on USCIS website starting from February 24th, 2020.
  • The US employers who register for an USCIS online account to file H1B registrations will be called registrants and they need choose the account type for filing H1B registration during the creation process.
  • US Employers can start submitting the electronic registrations starting from March 1st and can submit until March 20th using the account they created
  • There is a fee of $10 for each of the registration that they plan to submit.
  • You can register anytime during the registration period, there is no requirement to register on Feb 24th or March 1st. Employers can register anytime during the registration period between March 1st and March 20th.
  • If USCIS receives more registrations than needed for quota, they will conduct H1B Lottery for the same.
  • You can only file H1B petition for a registration that was selected in the H1B registration period. The selected registrations would be notified electronically.
  • If you are an attorney or representative, you can use your existing account and then link it with the H1B client account…
  • The representatives can add their H1B clients anytime during from Feb 24th, but they can only file H1B registrations starting from March 1st.

That’s about it. You can read the USCIS press release