SEVP Portal OPT Date Extended to Sep 30 – H1B Lottery Result

As you know there are many ways to find out your if you were selected in H1B Visa Lottery , but one of the most recent way for OPT students in Cap Gap is to check the SEVP Portal.

Earlier this year SEVP introduced SEVP Portal for F1 students on Post Completion OPT and M1 students in Practical training to make sure they can update their address and employment information in the portal, without reaching out to DSO for everything. One of the key things with this portal is that the data from SEVIS replicated to SEVP portal allowing students to understand their Lottery situation. In the past a student would have to write or call DSO to know about their SEVIS status so that they know, if they were selected in H1B Lottery or not…but, now they can check themselves.

Basically as the data in SEVP Portal is from SEVIS system and USCIS updates SEVIS system after H1B petitions are processed by them like either filed, approved or pending, etc. Now, when USCIS updates the SEVIS system with H1B petition status updates, especially for F1 students in Cap Gap Situations, their OPT end date will be extended to September 30th, which indicates that either petition was approved or pending with USCIS, which means that you were selected in lottery.

So, if your OPT end date is before September 30th and you are in OPT Cap Gap situation, if you see your OPT end date change to September 30th ( 9/30), you can be sure that your H1B petition was picked in Lottery and either is pending or approved.  If you see the OPT end date change to June 1st, then it means that your petition was just filed and is with USCIS and does not indicate that you were picked in lottery yet…

Overall, with the new SEVP Portal, you as a student in OPT cap gap situation can know the H1B Lottery result, without contacting the DSO.  Just in case, you do not have the SEVP portal login, you can ask your DSO to re-send the registration email, you can sign-up using that invite. In general, you should have got an email from SEVP Portal system once your OPT is approved and you are in OPT time period. You can find out more details at  SEVP Portal Help 

14 thoughts on “SEVP Portal OPT Date Extended to Sep 30 – H1B Lottery Result”

  1. Hi,

    Question on the above post:

    Assume the scenario where two h1b petitions were filed by two prospective employers.
    Now when the sevis portal change happens , how do you know which employers h1 picked up?

    Does cap gap get extension happens only if current employer h1 gets picked up?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ven,
      Well, it is hard to know…Your petition will be in Pending state. With new definition of related entities, unless they are really genuine cases, USCIS may deny them… Yes, only if your H1B is picked in lottery.

  2. Hi Sravani,

    Thanks. I asked that question for a friend who is in that situation. Either him or me, we don’t do consulting, the h1b petitions were full time offers with own projects. I dont see any reason to be denied.
    Also my friend just stated that his sevp portal clearly shows that the stem opt is extended with current employer name.

    So I am assuming it is mostly picked up with the employer he is working right now. Let me know your thoughts.


  3. That’s great, if your applications are genuine, nothing to worry. Yes, that just tells that you can continue to work with current employer. Not sure, if that is the H1B employer picked, it usually shows the H1B case number for DSO, but not the employer picked. In the past, I have not heard of anything as such, unless something changed this year.

  4. Hi Sravani,
    I have two question, I’ve just updated my status on SEVP portal today because our international center has own system to upload OPT status. and do you think it will be synchronized with lottery result soon?

    2nd, I’ve just got a job at this March and did not update my employment on schools reporting system. Do you think it will affect the lottery result ? I’ve submitted my H1B application through company attorney.


  5. Do you mean to say, you saw the status updated on SEVP portal automatically ? I am not sure about your school, all use SEVIS as standard system. Also, SEVIS and SEVP Portal are synched once a day.

    It should not affect you lottery. But, you should keep your records up to date as it is your responsibility.

  6. Hey Sravani,

    I saw the updated status to Sep 30th for my OPT but meantime I applied STEM OPT two weeks ago. Could it only mean for OPT Extension, not H1B? Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Well, it is hard to tell. I am guessing it is tied to H1B lottery selection because, if your STEM OPT was extended, it would be more than Sep 30th right…You can ask your DSO or employer and verify.

  7. How does this work for candidates who are already on STEM OPT. My STEM OPT ends on 1/31/2020. Will my date change to something else if my petition is picked? Thanks

  8. Hello,

    If my H1B is picked, when (approx timeframe) does the SEVP portal get updated to reflect the cap-gap extension?

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