How long is H1B Visa Premium Processing Time ?

If you have filed for H1B visa petition, you would have either filed it under Regular Processing or Premium Processing.  If you do not pay any extra fee, then you would have filed it under H1B Regular Processing , unlike if you have paid certain fee to get your application processed faster, then it will fall under Premium Processing.  Below are complete details on the same.

What is H1B Premium Processing ? 

Premium processing is a type of expedited processing option for H1B from USCIS, to have your application decision within 15 calendar days. It is very important to note that it is 15 calendar days, not 15 business days. The current fee for Premium Processing of H1B application is about $1,225 USD. Usually, if you want to have a decision faster and not wait for longer period of time, especially, if you have filed your petition as a transfer or extensions of your employment and you need a decision soon, then you would go for it.  In regular processing ther eis no SLA, but here in premium processing you have about 15 days as SLA. Premium Processing is available for a host of visa types, including H1B visa, which is filed using I-129 form.

How are you informed in H1B Premium Processing ?

Once you file your H1B petition with USCIS as premium processing, you will be informed via email your application receipt number, called USCIS case number. You can check status of your case on USCIS website. Your application will be judged within 15 day. You will get approval notice in mail.

What was your experience with Premium Processing ?

You can check more details on USCIS site on Premium Processing 

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