L1 to H1B Change of Status ( COS ) in US – Advantages ?

Usually a good amount of the professionals arrive in US on either L1B or L1A visa and then consider moving to H1B visa status because of the flexibility of changing employers with H1B, unlike L1 is tied to a specific employer. While getting a H1B is more difficult in the past few years due the enormous demand and H1B lottery situation. Nevertheless, moving from L1 to H1B is a common practice and highly recommended, if you want the flexibility of moving employers.

L1 to H1B Visa COS ( Change of Status ) – Key Points, Advantages : 

  • Can you do COS from L1 to H1B  ? Simple answer,  Yes. It is a very common practice.
  • Major advantages of H1B over L1 :
    • You can change employers on H1B, where as you cannot do that on L1 as it is tied to specific employer
    • When you entered on L1, you probably would not had good benchmark and you would have not know the reality in America on pay package….You can negotiate better pay on H1B because you will try to benchmark yourself with the market conditions and can demand more….
    • You do not have to go out again to get visa stamping for H1B. You can directly stay in US and move from one visa status to other.
    • Your H1B gives you option of cap exemption, if you choose to go back to your home country and come back again on H1B. It can be used to file a cap exempt H1B petition anytime in the next 6 years.
    • You have the option to relocate and find roles in different places and not bound by your company’s restrictions of location.

Only one flipside of moving to H1B is that your spouse cannot work on H4 immediately, unless you fall under H4 EAD rules…except that, everything is positive.