How long does H1B Visa Regular Processing Take ?

Once your employer filed H1B Visa for you to work in America, the next question for you is to think about the decision taking time for your petition with USCIS. There are two kinds of processing that can happen, it is either Regular Processing or Premium Processing. Lets look at the Regular Processing time in detail.

What is H1B visa Regular Processing ?

If your employer files your H1B application without paying any extra fee, then it is called as H1B regular processing. In fact, if there is no specific name tied to processing, it is considered as regular processing. Usually with premium processing, you will need to pay extra fee for faster decision.

How much times does the Regular Processing take for H1B visa ?

This totally depends on the load that USCIS has at any point of time and totally depends on the case details. Some of the cases can be easy to make a decision, some may be tough due to the nature of the case and the details submitted. You can expect anywhere from few weeks to few months to get the decision from USCIS. I have seen people get decision after like 6 to 9 months. Unfortunately, if you look at the average processing time on USCIS website, it is very long…for current year, it is upto 267 days, which is equal to almost 9 months. ¬†Sometimes, your case may end up in RFE and it can take longer too….

H1B Regular Processing Time

Does USCIS has any set obligation to complete processing within X days ?

No, USCIS does not have any obligation or SLA to process the h1B petition under regular processing within some amount of time. They can take their own time…so, it can be days to months…You may upgrade your case from regular to Premium, that may help, if you are stuck up waiting, but you will have to pay extra fee though.


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