How Do I know if my H1B is selected in Lottery ?

It can be very painful waiting for the result of the H1B Lottery.  As you know that we had about 190K petitions filed this year for FY2019 quota under h1B category. Probably the most commonly asked question by many is that how would I know the lottery result ? As we are expecting lottery for H1B 2019 quota, we may have similar scenario and many might wonder about the results and how to know…

How would you know, if You were selected in H1B Visa Lottery ? 

There are about 3 ways you can find out, if you were selected in H1B Lottery. Below are the ones.

  • Received H1B receipt Notice
  • H1B Petition Check Cashed
  • Received H1B Receipt Notice Email – Premium Processing
  • Change of SEVIS Record Status

Let us look at each of the above

Lottery Selected – H1B Receipt Notice Received : You would know that you were selected in lottery for sure, if you get  a copy of the physical receipt notice mailed by USCIS. This is basically a document sent by USCIS in standard mail to the Attorney or your employer, who have filed your H1B Visa. It will have the details of the case number that you can check online and track your case.

H1B Lottery Selected – If Application Check Cashed : One other way that you would know before hand that you were picked in H1B Lottery is by seeing your Check Cashed. If your attorney or your employer says that your check for the h1B application was cashed, then you can assume that your h1B petition was picked in Lottery.  Of course, after this step, you will need to get the H1B receipt notice. You should check with employer that your receipt notice is received, other wise they need to follow up with USCIS.

Received H1B Receipt Notice Email : This applies only to premium processing petitions. If you were to file h1B petition in Premium Processing, then you will get an email with the details of your case, with the case number and info. If Premium Processing is suspended, Like in FY 2019 season, you will NOT be able to know your lottery result using this method.

Change of SEVIS record status :  This method only applies to the Advanced degree cap applicants, as they only have SEVIS record. If you were in masters degree h1B quota, then you can ask your DSO to check your SEVIS status. If your SEVIS record is updated, with info on H1B, then you will know that your H1B was picked in Lottery. USCIS will usually update the SEVIS record, if your petition was picked in lottery. Sometimes, this happens first and sometimes there is delay, so do not be worried. Ask your DSO for the details on this.

What are your thoughts ? Is there any other way that you experienced ?

7 thoughts on “How Do I know if my H1B is selected in Lottery ?”

  1. Hi,
    I am AD, No SEVP update till date, OPT end date July,2018.

    I have requested DSO to issue today a new I-20, to check if the dates are updated for cap-gap. Dates are not changed, they are still the same with July,2018 as my OPT expiration date in my new I-20.

    Does this mean I did not get selected in the lottery since the Sevis is not updated yet?
    Will Sevis be updated all at once after the lottery or one after the other based on the data entry ?

    Comments on this case are appreciated.

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