What is H4 Visa ? Is it the H1B Spouse Visa ? How to get it ?

What is H4 Visa ?

H4 Visa is the visa that is given to the H1B Spouse to live in US along with their spouse.  It is also called the H1B dependent visa. It is not just the spouse, if you have Kids, they also fall under H4 visa as all of them are dependents of the H1B worker.

How do you get H4 Visa ?

Usually, if a H1B worker is going for visa stamping, they can take their spouse and kids along with them to stamping to get H4 visa stamped in the passport for them as well.

Let’s say, the spouse is not going along with the H1B worker for stamping, the process to get it is very straightforward, you book an appointment with the consulate for visa stamping by filling DS-160 and paying fee, etc. Then you go for visa stamping by carrying the required documents like copy of the H1B approval/ Visa copy from passport of the spouse, Pay slips, and wedding related info like marriage certificate, photos, etc.  The key proof they want to is the relationship proof that you are the spouse. Most of the times, the odds of getting H4 visa is very high and I have not seen many rejections, unless there is fraud.

H4 visa does not give everything that you want right away and you will have some restrictions like you cannot work, until your spouse has certain progress/status with Green Card processing,  and you cannot get social security number as well as you do not work…this can be quite a bit of compromise for many, if you are used to working.


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