H1B Visa 2018 -Trump Administration Impact ?

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Many might be wondering if US administration change from Obama to Trump will have any impact on current H1B Visa 2018 quota or decisions.  There were many speculations around passing of bills that would change significant rules of H1B, but none of them materialized on time for H1B 2018 season.

Any Major Impact on H1B 2018 with Trump Administration ? News ?

Technically, H1B 2018 season has begun on time and they accepted petitions and there was also lottery…nothing changes on this front. The only things that happened were suspension of H1B Premium processing for FY 2018 and then some measures to prevent fraud and abuse of H1B program, which is basically telling USCIS to do more site visits and dedicated email to report the abuse of the program and one minor change to exclude computer programmers on Level 1as not specialized skill.  But, in all reality, this did not change the H1B program and the impact on the H1B 2018 is very minimal. The policies passed by Trump administration are more for running the program effectively…and all of them are very fair policies. Nothing changes as of  May 2017 regarding the quota cap, wage requirements or anything as such…still the lottery also exists as of today…We will have to wait and watch and see what can happen in the upcoming months.

What’s speculate News on Trump Plans for H1B ?

There are some bills in both senate and some in House regarding the program…some of them are looking at increasing minimum wages like making it to 130K USD per year for H1B dependent employers, some are aimed at removing lottery, some are aimed at removing lottery, some are aimed at removing limits for Masters quota candidates…as of May 2017, none of them have passed either House or Senate and all are standing still. We will have to see how it will be moved ahead.  We can expect more news around H1B and President Trump plans in the upcoming months….they have bigger things like Healthcare bills that they are focused on right now.

What do you think of the Trump’s impact on H1B program ?

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