H1B Petition Arrived on Day 5 Morning from April 1st , will I be considered ?

USCIS usually announces press releases early in the day on the 5th day of the H1B season after April. Many of the students and professionals are worried, if their petition is considered on Day 5, as they have seen the USCIS announcement at 10 AM EST and their petition only reached the USCIS office in the evening on Day 5.

Simple answer is “YES”, all the petitions that are filed within the first 5 days of the H1B Season are considered and put in the lottery. What it means is that, as long as your petition reaches USCIS office by the evening of Day 5 before the End of Day of USCIS, when they close offices, you will still be considered and your petition will be put in the lottery.

Nothing to worry !  This has been a myth with first time H1B holders thinking that once USCIS announces that H1B cap is met in morning via email or tweet or press release, then their petition will not be accepted…so, don’t be worried !