What is H1B Concurrent Filing ? How Many ? Rules ?

It is little known fact that you can work for more than one H1B employers…The common perception is that you will need to work for only one H1B employer…But there is something that lets you work for multiple employers…Below are the details.

What is H1B Concurrent Filing ?

Basically, as the terms says, H1B Concurrent Petition is a an additional petition filed on your behalf by an employer so that you can work for them as well, beside the first H1B employer.  All the rules of the normal H1B apply like the speciality occupation, LCA, etc. The reason for having this option is that, not all employers have full time work for H1B workers and this is an option for the h1B worker to work for more than one employer so that they can work full time.

How many employers can you work on H1B concurrent filing ?

Technically, there is no limit as such on the number of employers that you can work with or number of H1B petitions that you can file as concurrent, but the basic rule is that it is usually about 2 employers, which will give the employee to have about 40 hours or full time employment. Unless, there is really good reason, USCIS may reject the petition, if they feel that the H1B worker or the employer is abusing the process.

The good part about H1B concurrent filing is that, if you lose job at H1B employers, you will be still be in status as the second H1B is valid and you can find another work so that you are employed full time. It is always recommended to work with an attorney to understand the intricacies of the H1B Concurrent filing.  What was your experience with H1B Concurrent filing ?