H1B Checks Cashed – Lottery Selected ? Waiting Game – How Long ?

Some of you might be hearing from your employers or attorneys that your H1B Petition check was cashed, but they did not provide you with a Case Number for you to track on the USCIS website…Some of you might be waiting for your checks to be cashed…Let me share my thoughts on the same.

H1B Checks Cashed – What does it mean ? Am I Selected in Lottery ?

Simple answer,  Yes !  USCIS only cashes checks that were picked in Lottery.  So, you were selected in H1b Lottery ! Now, the next step is that you will get a receipt notice from USCIS. It will have the case number that can be used to track the status of your case and get to know more.

Check NOT cashed, does that mean I am not selected ? Do I Have hope ?

If your check was not cashed, that does not mean that your H1B Petition was rejected. You will need to wait for the official receipt notice or the reject notice from USCIS to indicate that your case was not picked in H1B Lottery that they conducted. Do NOT jump to conclusions that your case was rejected because your check was not cashed.

How long is the H1B Lottery Waiting Game   ?

Well, it is very hard to say how long. It can last from few weeks to a month or two sometimes. It totally depends on the USCIS load. Usually, USCIS will release a press note saying that they have completed issuing receipts for all the H1B Petitions selected in Lottery. If you do not received anything beyond the date that they have said, then you will need to ask your employe to check with USCIS.  Usually the trick is that, until you get a reject notice, there is nothing that is sure that you were not selected in H1B lottery. USCIS first issues the receipt notices for the selected petitions and then they will issue the rejected notices. So, you will need to wait for the reject notice to be fully sure.  Last year reject notices were issued until July first week. So, your waiting game will at least be until July 2017 for FY 2018 quota.

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  1. How much time it takes to get the receipt after USCIS cashes checks? My check got cashed on May 13, 2019 but I still haven’t got the receipt.

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