How to find H1B Minimum Wage for a Job – LCA

It is important to have right minimum wage on the LCA, when it is used for H1B position. Below are some of the steps on how to find the minimum wage for a position when filing LCA. First, read What is LCA ? Dept of Labor Rules 

What is Minimum Wage for LCA for H1B Visa ?

Usually, when an employer posts an open job that needs to be filled by a foreign worker, they need to ensure that the foreign worker is paid minimum wage for that position. This rule is primarily meant to ensure that the foreign workers are not exploited with less wages. Every H1B job position will be categorized in a certain wage level and minimum wage for that wage level has to paid to be compliant with Dept of Labor rules.  The employer can pay more than the minimum wage, but they should never go under minimum wage….

How to find Minimum Wage for H1B LCA ?

There are some recommended ways as per Dept of Labor to identify the minimum wage for a H1B Position.  The Dept of Labor division Bureau of Labor Stats ( BLS) collected the wage data for usage under the LCA Program that was started in 1998.    The employee hired for the job position should be paid at least the minimum wage. All of the data is available

Step by Step Guide to find LCA minimum wage :  First you will need to select the state and then the basics of the job posting like the area, job name, etc. Then you will see the various wage levels of the job posting. Below are the screenshots and guide with step by step indication on what to select first.

How to find H1B Visa LCA on FLCData Center

H1B VIsa LCA Minimum Wage Data Levels