Differences Between H1B Regular vs Premium Processing Time ?

When you file H1B visa petition, you have two choices either to file it under Regular Processing or Premium Processing, it is important to understand the differences between both of them so that you can choose the right one.

What is the main Difference between Regular vs Premium Processing H1B Visa Petition ?

The fundamental difference between both are the SLA or deadline for USCIS to make a decision on your petition. If you file your petition under H1B premium processing, USCIS has to make a decision on your case within 15 calendar days.  But, you will have to pay more for that service. As of now, you will need to pay $1225 USD extra besides regular H1B filing fee, if you want to file your petition under premium processing.

What is NOT true about Premium Processing ?

While it is tempting to see the decision within 15 days, there are some assumptions from people that premium processing has higher chance of approval, because USCIS is under pressure to make a decision…That is NOT true. Your petition does not get any priority or concession while the decision is made, it will be judged as if it was a regular petition and it does not have any higher approval rate…so don’t just file premium for the sake of it.

Premium processing makes more sense, when you are transferring companies or changing employees or you file any amendments as it can be tricky waiting for your petition approval with the changes. If you are filing for next year fiscal year quota like in April, it is fine to do regular processing as you will have about 6 months…you have the choice to upgrade the petition at any time, if you have the need to get decision faster….Many companies these days file premium processing because they want to be sure that the candidate they applied gets approval and they can have the person working soon…the wait sometime can be very bad with USCIS Processing times like from few days to few months…Check USCIS Processing time