How to check USCIS H1B Processing Times ?

Everyone would be running crazy waiting for the H1B lottery decision and the waiting times. While the real H1B Visa processing times can vary any where from 2 weeks to 6 months or more, you can get a view on the current processing times by looking at USCIS websites. USCIS publishes processing times for various types of visas they process, including H1B, L1, etc. All you need to do is go to USCIS site and check the status of the processing times.

Check USCIS H1B processing times 

First you will need to go to USCIS website and then select Processing Times from Tools

USCIS H1B processing time

Next, you will need to select the processing center from the drop down as show below.  Direct Link USCIS Processing times 

Select USCIS Processing center USCIS for H1B

The, you will see a list of visa application processing times by the form type and visa type. You will also see the H1B visa processing times there as you can see below.

USCIS h1B processing time by Form type visa type