Can H4 Visa Holders Work in USA ? Rules ? SSN ?

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It is often many H1B spouses overlook their ability to work and assume certain things,  when they are back in their home country.  Some of the basic questions about ability to work, SSN and rules are below. Can H4 visa Holders work in America ? Rules ? In general, H4 visa holders cannot work in US,  unless they can get … Read More

What is H4 Visa EAD Rule ? When can H4 Holder Work ?

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As you all know, in general,  H4 Visa Holders cannot work, unless they fall under H4 Visa EAD rules. The H4 visa holders ability to work in certain conditions was possible since May 26, 2015 as this rule was passed after a lot of waiting with rule making process. Below are the conditions. Rules for H4 visa Holder Employment on … Read More

H4 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist ?

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As you know H4 Visa is given to H1B Spouses and if you would like to enter US on H4 visa, you will need to go to US consulate and get visa stamped on your passport. If you are going along with your spouse for H4 visa stamping, it can be easy as both of you are together and the some of … Read More