When will I know H1B Lottery Result for FY 2018 ?

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It can be a very frustrating to wait for the h1B lottery results….The tricky part is that  with H1B premium processing suspended for Fy 2018, there is NO SLA for the receipts or the decision…everyone are in the same boat. When will you know your H1B visa 2018 Lottery Result ? As you know, USCIS updated that they have completed … Read More

USCIS News – H1B 2018 Lottery Done -199,000 Petitions received

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All the rumors and fight over not having lottery is done…USCIS finally released official press release today indicating that they have received about 199,000 H1B petitions for fiscal year 2018. As I read the USCIS press release, they mentioned that the lottery was actually done on April 11th, thats why there were rumors from Attorneys that their checks were cashed…anyways, … Read More

H1B FY 2018 Lottery Status – Rumors ? Any USCIS Updates ?

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I know, it is crazy time that everyone who have applied for H1B Visa 2018 quota are seriously looking around across internet for any rumors, besides just refreshing the USCIS website for the news release. As you all know I have predicted that H1B 2018 will have Lottery  based on the LCA number. Anyways, below are the rumors and some … Read More

When will I Get H1B 2017 Receipt Number ?

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This is probably the most asked question by many of the H1B 2017 applicants. The answer to this question depends on many factors. Let me try to explain on how it works. When can you expect to get the receipt number for FY 2017 ? Premium Processing Receipts  : If you were to file your petition under premium processing you … Read More