What Happens After H1B Lottery ?

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If you are the lucky person selected in H1B random selection, which is popularly called as H1B lottery, you might be wondering what would happen after that. Below is quick summary of it. Steps after Selected in H1B visa lottery : If you are selected in H1B Lottery, your employer/ immigration attorney will get a copy of the H1B receipt … Read More

Is H1B Lottery Mandatory ? Is there an official rule ?

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Yes, as of the now ( Apr 2017),  H1B Lottery is mandatory. The guidance is that if USCIS receives more petitions than the required number cap that is mandated by Congress, they will need to conduct random selection, aka H1B Lottery.   You can check the official Federal Register Document . You can search for “Random”  in the document to find it. … Read More

What is H1B visa 2017 Fee ?

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H1B visa fee for FY 2017 can vary from about 1,575 USD to 7,500 USD ( without attorney fee ) If you were to include the Attorney fee ( 1000 USD) , it would be about 2,575 USD to 8,500 USD H1B fee is paid by the employer who files for the H1B Petition on behalf of the foreign worker … Read More

Can H1B Visa Holder Study in US ?

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Simple answer Yes ! So, how does the immigration work ?  The key requirement is that you need to maintain your H1B Visa status. The only way to do that is be employed full time and then study as part time. You will need to work full time for 40 hours as per the required conditions of H1B Visa. You … Read More

When will H1B Visa 2018 Start ?

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USCIS starts their fiscal year on October 1st of every year and they end on September 30. So technically for fiscal year 2018, it would start on October 1st, 2018 and they would accept the application usually about 6 months before the start dates, which comes to April 1st of 2017. H1B Visa 2018 Season will very start on April … Read More

H1B Visa 2016 Season Start Date ?

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As many of you know, H1B Visa quota for this year, which is FY 2015  was completed in the first few days of the start date. USCIS Conducted a lottery to select the required petitions.  Overall a total of 172,500 petitions were filed and USCIS had to select only 85,000 petitions. Many of the unlucky ones who were not selected … Read More

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What is H1B Visa Lottery ? How does it work ?

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H1B Visa Lottery is nothing but randomly choosing the required H1B visa petitions from received set of H1B visa applications by computer generated algorithm. Why does USCIS conduct lottery ? USCIS conducts lottery to give fair chance to everyone applied to H1B petition on the same day, as they cannot time stamp petitions received on a particular day. What are … Read More

When does H1B visa Season Start ?

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USCIS generally accepts H1B visa petitions for the next fiscal year on April 1st of the previous year. For instance, USCIS will start accepting  H1B visa applications for fiscal year 2012 starting from April 1, 2011.  Also, if the H1B petition applied on April 1st gets approved, the person with approved petition can start working from October 1st. For instance, … Read More

What is H1B visa Cap Count ?

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Some of you new to the immigration jargon, might be wondering…what is cap count ? Is there something like a Cap named H1B ? Do everyone who file for H1B get a Cap ? Do they count the Caps of every H1B visa ? May be some might sound ridiculous, but honestly, if you do not know there is nothing … Read More