What is H1B Visa RFE (Request for Evidence) ?

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If you file a H1B petition with USCIS, the odds of it getting approved without any questions or issues from USCIS are not 100%. There are many cases, where USCIS will need more information or your employer would have missed some information and that would require inputs from your employer.  That’s when RFE comes into the picture. What is H1B RFE … Read More

How long is H1B Visa Premium Processing Time ?

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If you have filed for H1B visa petition, you would have either filed it under Regular Processing or Premium Processing.  If you do not pay any extra fee, then you would have filed it under H1B Regular Processing , unlike if you have paid certain fee to get your application processed faster, then it will fall under Premium Processing.  Below are … Read More

How long does H1B Visa Regular Processing Take ?

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Once your employer filed H1B Visa for you to work in America, the next question for you is to think about the decision taking time for your petition with USCIS. There are two kinds of processing that can happen, it is either Regular Processing or Premium Processing. Lets look at the Regular Processing time in detail. What is H1B visa … Read More

What is H1B Visa LCA ? DOL rules for the same ?

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As part of filing H1B Petition with USCIS, a company/ employer need to file Labor Condition Application ( LCA)  with Department of Labor ( DOL). It is very important step that is required as part of the overall H1B Visa process. Let me share the details of the same. What is H1B LCA  ( Labor Condition Application ) ? Why … Read More

How Do I know if my H1B is selected in Lottery ?

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It can be very painful waiting for the result of the H1B Lottery.  As you know that we had about 190K petitions filed this year for FY2019 quota under h1B category. Probably the most commonly asked question by many is that how would I know the lottery result ? As we are expecting lottery for H1B 2019 quota, we may have … Read More