How to check USCIS H1B Processing Times ?

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Everyone would be running crazy waiting for the H1B lottery decision and the waiting times. While the real H1B Visa processing times can vary any where from 2 weeks to 6 months or more, you can get a view on the current processing times by looking at USCIS websites. USCIS publishes processing times for various types of visas they process, including … Read More

What is H1B Concurrent Filing ? How Many ? Rules ?

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It is little known fact that you can work for more than one H1B employers…The common perception is that you will need to work for only one H1B employer…But there is something that lets you work for multiple employers…Below are the details. What is H1B Concurrent Filing ? Basically, as the terms says, H1B Concurrent Petition is a an additional … Read More

Common H1B Visa RFE Reasons ?

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A good amount of the H1B petitions end up getting RFE ( request for evidence ) from USCIS to support their applications. USCIS gives RFE for a variety of reasons like below.  Employee and Employer Relationship not clearly established : Usually most of the petitions that involve working of the H1B worker at a different location gives rise to questions … Read More