Can H4 Visa Holders Work in USA ? Rules ? SSN ?

It is often many H1B spouses overlook their ability to work and assume certain things,  when they are back in their home country.  Some of the basic questions about ability to work, SSN and rules are below.

Can H4 visa Holders work in America ? Rules ?

In general, H4 visa holders cannot work in US,  unless they can get EAD( employment authorization document) as per H4 visa EAD rule . You need to check with your H1B spouse, if they satisfy rules of  H4 EAD either Approved I-140 or H1B status extended beyond 6 years.  Without H4 EAD, if you are involved in any work from home or any activity that gives you money, it is considered illegal and can get you deported. So, be clear on this and do NOT break any rules.

Do you get SSN on H4 ?

No, you will NOT get SSN as you do not work or not eligible for work, unless you qualify for H4 visa EAD. SSN is social security number and is used by US government for tax and other purposes.  If someone is paying you money, they need to report it to IRS so that it is legal. If someone tries to trick you and tell you that I will pay cash, no need of anything, then it is all considered Fraud and you can be deported. DO NOT break any rules.

It can be very frustrating to keep waiting for H4 EAD or not work on H4 visa, but that is the fact of life and it is a decision that needs to be considered before you move to US or get married to H1B holder.