When to apply for H1B Visa Stamping after Approval ?

As you start your journey to work in US, it can be very frustrating at each step waiting for lottery, then waiting for approval and then you need to go to stamping and then arriving in US.

When can you apply for H1B stamping after H1B approval ? 

You hear that your case is approved from your attorney and check the same online on USCIS website that it is approved…the next step is that you will receive the physical hard copy of the H1B receipt notice from USCIS. You can use that notice and then apply for H1B visa stamping at any nearby US consulate in your home country.  You can apply for H1B stamping anytime upto 90 days before the start date as listed on your H1B approval notice. This is the official answer. Check below screenshot from USTravelDocs H1B Apply Time

When to apply for H1B Stamping after Approval from USCIS

Did you apply before 90 days before for H1B visa stamping ?